June 2019

Forgive and Forget

We continue our Summer Psalm series with Pastor Andy Wahlstrom bringing our message on “Forgive and Forget”.  Ask people what is most important to them and a good number will tell you happiness. We place great value on being happy but few really know what brings true happiness. This week we explore Psalm 32 to […]

Response To Creation And Our Creator

Pastor Andrew Wahlstrom continues our sermon series of Summer Psalms on “Response To Creation And Our Creator”. God has chosen to reveal Himself in creation. So often we take this universe for granted or can’t see and recognize what is right in front of us. Sunday we will see how Psalm 8 is a reminder […]

Building on The Rock

This week we wrap up our series, The Kingdom of God is Near Pastor Andrew Wahlstrom brings us our message as we again look to Jesus teaching from the Sermon on the Mount. We look to His instruction and discover that a proper foundation is the only way we can survive in this world and […]

April 2019

The Resurrection That Changes Everything

Finishing off our final message in our Easter sermon series. Pastor Andrew Wahlstrom brings our message “The Resurrection That Changes Everything” here at Hope Community Church of Lowell. We have been looking at the birth, life and death of Jesus over the last three weeks, and how those events change everything. But it is the […]

The Life That Changed Everything

Continuing our Easter sermon series Pastor Andy Wahlstrom brings us our 2nd message in our Easter series “The Life That Changed Everything” here at Hope Community Church of Lowell. No one person’s life has effected this world more than that of Jesus. Throughout the years, no single name has evoked as much emotion as the […]

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