Living Our Lives No Matter Whats Around Us

As the days get shorter and cooler I can’t help but think back to a couple of weeks ago and the kind of absolutely beautiful weather we had, sunny and 80 degrees! I couldn’t help but wish that it would stay that way the rest of the year and I know there are many of you that feel the same way.
See I’ve lost much of my tolerance for cold weather and all of the nonsense that goes along with it. Maybe it’s because I’ve lived with it all my life but I’m tired of the snow, icy conditions Read more…

Role-ing Through Life

{AUDIO} Sunday Message November 11, 2018
Hebrews 1:1-4
Listen in as Andrew Wahlstrom, brings us our message on “Role-ing Through Life”
* Time: 32:55 minutes

What About Me?

My wife and I just passed our three year anniversary of moving to Lowell, Indiana. We’ve loved every minute of it. I often think about the path that brought us here. We had been living in Illinois and decided it was time to downsize and move out of the state. So, we put our house on the market and as luck would have it, sold our home more quickly than we had anticipated. We hadn’t done much house shopping but we had a plan. We found a house in Beecher that we could rent month to month while we looked for our next house. A little more than two weeks before we had to be out of our house, I got a call that the house we were planning Read more…

The Story

Do you know the story of the Titanic? It was a huge ocean liner, a luxury cruise ship that was the toast of its time in 1912. It boasted an on-board gym, swimming pool, libraries, wireless telegraph (sorry, no WIFI), high-class restaurants and opulent cabins. Nothing like it had ever been launched before and it was the largest ship afloat at the time. It also happens to be something that has been studied in history as one of the worst maritime disasters Read more…

What is the next step God is calling you to take?

A number of years ago, I flew on several occasions with a co-worker in his private plane. He had a beautiful twin engine Cessna with a pressurized cabin. It was fun because I got to sit in the seat right next to him as he piloted the plane. There was one flight in particular that stands out in my memory. We were headed for Detroit and he filed a flight plan with the FAA since we were going to be flying instrument Flight Rules (IFR for you aviation buffs). Despite the fact that it was clear where we were flying out of, our destination was ‘socked in’ with a very low Read more…

Holding Onto Hope Only To Be Let Down

December 14, 2017 is the day that I said goodbye to the corporate rat race. I had been a sales rep with a medical device company for almost 15 years. When I started, things were good. We were a solid #2 player in our market. We had a good product line and some well received and innovative new products. But then, the company became stagnant. There was no research and development and no new products. No acquisition of new technologies. Meanwhile, all of our competitors were innovating like crazy and they passed us by like we were standing still.
During this time, there were several changes in upper management and no matter who was running the company at any given time, they all said the same thing, “We want to Read more…

Ready or Not?

~ We welcome back Andrew Wahlstrom to bring us our Sunday message.
Every year, when the weather turns nice, I think back to the days when I had a convertible. Years ago, I owned an MGB. It was a fun little car. I used to run around with the top down, drive it to the dunes or on a date. The car was in perfect shape. It was up on blocks every winter and never saw bad weather. There was only one flaw, the gas gauge didn’t work. But that wasn’t a problem, I had a system. Read more…

Fruit Of The Spirit Game Changers

~ We welcome back Andrew Wahlstrom to bring us our Sunday message.
In the 1990’s, Chicago had the privilege of witnessing one of the greatest decades for any team in the history of sports. I wasn’t a true basketball fan before that but I admit to getting caught up in what was going on. The Chicago Bulls won 6 NBA Read more…

True Stories

~ We welcome back to the pulpit Andy Wahlstrom.

I like stories. I really enjoy a good story. Stories can be very entertaining. They can take us to a place that we’ve never been or transport us to another time period. We can learn about history or just Read more…

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