I AM: Bread Of Life

~ We welcome Rev. Peter Kelder to bring us the message today.
The feeding of the 5000, as we have come to know it, is a reminder to all of us that what we think is impossible, God can do that and more. Impossibilities are solved by miracles.
John 6:26-35 bread vs. BREAD
Jesus uses the occasion to teach the crowd how they are focused on the wrong things–bread, performance, human sources.He tells the crowd, don’t focus on lesser things.
Then He declares that He is the I AM!
John 6:41-42, 60, 66-68  How Will We Respond?
This is a hard teaching…many followers deserted Jesus after this. Stay with Him and learn from Him. Believe that the Son of God came to give us life, faith, and hope.
Rev. Peter Kelder is the Regional Mission Leader for Central US with Resonate Global Mission (formerly CR Home Missions). He pastored churches in NY, WI and IA before taking this position in 2005. The job includes starting new ministries, strengthening churches in their mission, and developing leaders. He and his wife Ruth have 4 grown children and seven grandchildren.

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