October 2019

He descended into Hell. The Third Day He Rose Again from the Dead

Pastor Andy Walstrom continues our sixth message in our “I Believe” series. He descended into Hell. The Third Day He Rose Again from the Dead. Join us as we explore Matthew 27;45-50; 28:1-10.    33:14 min.

September 2019

Conceived, Born, Crucified, Died, Buried

We continue our sermons series “I Believe” in Luke 1:26-38. Pastor Barry Foster brings us our message Conceived, Born, Crucified, Died, Buried.  36:52 min.

In Jesus Christ, His only Son, Our Lord

Pastor Andy continues our series “I Believe”. Who is Jesus/relationship to God the Father, Jesus as Lord and savior of the world.  Acts 17:29-31    31:19 min.

God The Father Almighty

We are in our second Sunday in our series “I Believe” going through the Apostles Creed. Pastor Andy Wahlstrom focuses on God the Father Almighty, creator of heaven and earth. We look at who is God and some of His attributes.   Read through Acts 17:16-28.   34:11 min.

I Believe

Pastor Andy Wahlstrom started our new sermons series this morning “I Believe”.  Our 10 week sermon series looks closely at the Apostles Creed. The Apostles Creed is one of the, if not the earliest confession of the Christian church and it contains the essential, Biblical elements of the Christian faith. You want to know what we believe? Read the Creed. Join us for this important series that clearly defines what we believe, and more importantly, why.”   31:18 min.

August 2019

Building Confidence

Confidence is something that we all long for. The world tells you that success is dependent on your level of self-confidence, that your hope is in your abilities. The Bible tells us that our ultimate confidence is in God our Creator. This week Pastor Andy Wahlstrom wraps up our “Summer Psalms” series by looking at Psalm 23. This Psalm gives us confidence and changes the way we live our lives.   32:12 min.

Do I Worship?

Ask several people what they believe worship is and you may very well get several different answers. The truth is people have different ideas of what it means to worship. This week Pastor Andy Wahlstrom continues our “Summer Psalms” series in Psalm 95 which many scholars feel is the definitive roadmap in the Bible for worship. This Psalm is going to show us what true worship looks like. It will tell us why we should worship and most importantly it will infuse new, God honoring energy into our worship as well as into our daily lives.    31:38 min.

Enduring Love

When we really want someone to remember something, we will repeat it over and over. Every parent has done that. Apparently, God our father wants us to know that his love will never end. We continue our Summer Psalms series as Mark Morris brings us our message from Psalm 136 and we are reminded that “his love endures forever”.  35:12

Looking Beyond the Surface

When studying scripture, we must often look beyond the the surface to understand deeper meanings. Pastor Andy Wahlstrom continues our series of Summer Psalms as we survey Psalm 22 and look past David’s experiences, a picture of Christ emerges. It is that image that should elicit a response from each of us, a response that is critical to our eternity.    31:30 min.

July 2019

Why And How To Seek After God

The Psalmist in Psalm 63 declares, “Because your steadfast love is better than life, my lips will praise you.” The implications of that promise are immense. The steadfast love of God should not only lead to worship, but to the realization that a relationship with the Lord Jesus will satisfy the deepest longings of our souls. Listen in as Kyle Beckrich brings us our message and we explore that promise and what it means to pursue Jesus each day.   33:34 min.