June 2019

Response To Creation And Our Creator

Pastor Andrew Wahlstrom continues our sermon series of Summer Psalms on “Response To Creation And Our Creator”. God has chosen to reveal Himself in creation. So often we take this universe for granted or can’t see and recognize what is right in front of us. Sunday we will see how Psalm 8 is a reminder that our response to creation and our Creator should be praise and we can praise Him even in the middle of our struggles.  Psalm 8.  29:07 min.

In His Presence

Kyle Beckrich brings us our Father’s Day message and continuing in our sermon series “Summer Psalms” – Throughout Scripture we are promised that joy, purpose, hope and life are found in the presence of God. Although we’ve heard this and mostly believe it, we know that we don’t always feel as if we’re in the presence of God. What keeps us from His presence? How can we enter into His presence?  Psalm 16.   28:21 min.

Mark Morris-The Search for Happiness

Mark Morris brings us our first message in our Summer Psalms series “The Search for Happiness”. What does your heart long for? Each of us would probably answer that question differently, but there would be some common themes- happiness, meaning, identity, justice, relationships, and hope would probably come up in the discussion. As we study the Psalms this summer, we will discover that we can find our heart’s desire in God, and in our relationship with Him.  Psalm 1.  40:45 min.

Building on The Rock

This week we wrap up our series, The Kingdom of God is Near Pastor Andrew Wahlstrom brings us our message as we again look to Jesus teaching from the Sermon on the Mount. We look to His instruction and discover that a proper foundation is the only way we can survive in this world and into the next. We are going to learn what that foundation is and the implications of building our lives on a solid or soft foundation. Matthew 7:24-27.  30:32 min.

May 2019

A Nation of Priests

As we continue our series on The Kingdom of God Is Near Pastor Barry Foster brings us our message here at Hope Community Church of Lowell on “A Nation of Priests”.  We will explore the Kingdom of God from the Old Testament to the New Testament and how God “sets apart” His people to carry the message of the Messiah. Their privilege as the chosen also brings responsibility. A child of the King of Kings should bear a family likeness, so that others will come to know Him as the King of Kings.  I Peter 2:9-10 and Isaiah 9:6-7.  29:00 min.

Kingdom Living

We continue our series this week as Mark Morris brings our 2nd message “Kingdom Living” here at Hope Community Church of Lowell.  Living as a child of God, and as a citizen of gods kingdom, is more than just a slight adjustment in our lives. The Kingdom living is bigger than we realized. Matthew 13, verses 24-52.   44:24 min.

More than Heaven-More than the Church

This week we begin a four week journey of discovering the Gospel of the Kingdom of God. In week one we will be looking at how Jesus preached the good news of the Gospel. We will study Scripture to help us understand the depth of the good news He proclaimed. The truth is that the Gospel reaches far more deeply into our lives than we might think. Listen in as Pastor Andy Wahlstrom brought us our message here at Hope Community Church of Lowell on “More than Heaven; More than  the Church”.  Matthew 6:10, 6:33.  Audio Sermon from May 12, 2019.    31:39 min.

Walking With Blinders On

We far to often begin our faith journey from the wrong starting point. We want to rationalize what our head can understand rather than listening to the Gospel message. The disciples of Jesus on the road to Emmaus were sad and disappointed because Jesus didn’t fulfill what they expected, now He’s gone. Jesus had to open their eyes to see that our faith journey needs to begin with understanding the work of Christ. Pastor Barry Foster brought us our message here at Hope Community Church of Lowell on “Walking with blinders on”.  Luke 24:13-35.  Audio Sermon from May 5, 2019.   29:23 min.

April 2019

A Thorny Issue

Question of the day: How best do we grow so that we can produce abundant fruit in our lives? Dan Kuiper brought us our message yesterday here at Hope Community Church of Lowell on “A Thorny Issue”.  Matt. 13:1-9, 18-23. Audio Sermon from April 28, 2019.   38:14 min.

The Resurrection That Changes Everything

Finishing off our final message in our Easter sermon series. Pastor Andrew Wahlstrom brings our message “The Resurrection That Changes Everything” here at Hope Community Church of Lowell. We have been looking at the birth, life and death of Jesus over the last three weeks, and how those events change everything. But it is the resurrection of Jesus Christ that gives all of that meaning. The resurrection is what brings all of the previous circumstances of Jesus story together. It is the resurrection that truly changes everything.  1 Corinthians 15, Audio Sermon from April 21, 2019.   29:11 min.