Grace Is Greater Than Bitterness

Dear Heavenly Father, I read your word and you say forgiveness declares that grace is greater than bitterness. I’m finding my heart heavy these past months. Help me live for you, God. Heal my Read more…

Problem Controlling My Tongue

Father, your word says our attitude should be the same as Christ’s. If and whenever we are having a problem controlling our minds and tongues, we should stop, ask forgiveness, call Read more…

Unexpected Change

Pray With Us ~
Father, when unexpected change comes into people’s lives many become troubled and fearful. They want things to remain the same. There will always be change in Read more…

Bad Circumstances

Pray With Us~
Lord, I pray for an attitude that is Christlike. Let my responses reflect Read more…

Country In Turmoil

Dear Father, we pray for this nation and all the terror and turmoil we see daily Read more…

We Praise You Lord

Father God, we come to you, and we praise you, Lord, and we thank you for all that we learn from the life of Jesus. We thank you for this picture of the future glory that we will share with you for all eternity. We thank you, Lord, that you are with us. We thank you that you are by our side. We thank Read more…

Seeking Your Wisdom

Dear God, As I live this day, help me to look to Your Word for guidance. Help my own opinions or desires, as well as the influence of the world around me, be brought Read more…

Protect Us Lord

Dear Father in Heaven, Protect us God from Fear!

Caring For The Sick

Father, We come to pray for those who are caring for the sick. It takes a kind and selfless heart to care for those who are sick or potentially infected, so Father we pray for them. We pray that you would be the source of rest, their source of assurance of your love for them, their source of replenishment when they are weary, anxious and concerned, and their source of hope in such overwhelming times. Read more…

Ultimate Healer

Father God, You are the ultimate healer. We come to the foot of the cross where you cruelly gave your life to give us ours through you, and pray for those infected by this dangerous virus. We pray for not only their healing but for them to be comforted while they heal. Lord, please remove every bit of this virus from their bodies, every infected part of their being. We pray Read more…

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