Children Need Prayer

PRAY WITH US 🙏 Lord I pray for all the children who call out to you each moment for a need that is tugging at their heart and creating worry in their mind. Let them feel your comfort as they pray for their mom who is Read more…

60 Seconds To Pray For Our Neighbors

 NEIGHBORS. (click play to start)


Let My Responses Reflect You

Lord, I pray for an attitude that is Christlike. Let my responses reflect Read more…

My To-Do List Is Long

Lord, thank you for always giving me chances to come to you no matter how many times I fall. My to-do list is long. As my week gets busy, let Read more…

Your Timing Is Perfect Not Ours

Father, it is your timing that is perfect, not ours. You are all-knowing, we can not even begin to comprehend all there is to know. Help us to trust you and give our lives over to you and your perfect plan, especially Read more…

Call On His Name

At some point, you may have cried out to the LORD in prayer… God hears these prayers. It does not matter whether they’re silent, quiet or loud. *He is rich to us as comfort, peace, love, hope, patience, kindness, endurance, longsuffering, strength, faith, Read more…

Speak To My Heart

Lord, I don’t want my heart to be too cast down by my disappointment and losses….but it is hard. Send your Spirit to speak to my heart of the astonishing goods and glories I have and will have in you. In Jesus name, AMEN 🤲
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Forgive Me Of My Sins

Forgive me my sins, O Lord; forgive me the sins of my youth and the sins of mine age, the sins of my soul and the sins of my body, my secret and my whispering sins, the sins I have done to please Read more…

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