Why Does It Matter?

~ Pastor Barry brings us our Easter Sunday message.
A yearly holiday that ushers in bunnies, easter eggs, new fashions and spring. Weeks before Easter Sunday we witness retailers preparing for big Easter sales, after all, everyone loves spring, bright colors and new fashions. But for followers of Christ, Easter means Christ no longer remains in the tomb but is risen. An empty tomb, that’s what Easter is all about.
Why so much emphasis on the bodily resurrection of Christ?


I AM: Bread Of Life

~ We welcome Rev. Peter Kelder to bring us the message today.
The feeding of the 5000, as we have come to know it, is a reminder to all of us that what we think is impossible, God can do that and more. Impossibilities are solved by miracles.
John 6:26-35 bread vs. BREAD
Jesus uses the occasion to teach the crowd how they are focused on the wrong things–bread,


Join Us At Easter Service

🌞All are welcome to join us Easter Sunday as we celebrate our risen Lord, Jesus. Dress casual and join us Sunday. 🙌 Refreshments and fellowship following the service with a special surprise! 🤔
Date: Sunday, April 1st
Time: 10:00am
Where: Hope Community Church of Lowell
Address: 10505 West 181st Avenue, Lowell Indiana
>> Questions or more information contact Pastor Barry at (219) 690-8889

When God Cries Out

~ We welcome Mark Bonnes to bring us the message today.
“My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” is probably one of the most painful things Christ says from the cross. We often summarize the Christian faith as “Christ died for my sins” or “Christ took my sins upon the cross”. While that is easy for us to say, the reality is that


All Fore One

~ We welcome Andy Walstrom back to bring us the message today.
Quite a few years ago, I left the church and turned my back on God.  I had been raised in a good Christian home and attended church regularly.  Unfortunately, I observed a few things about the church I didn’t understand.  Occasionally there were visitors to the church and when those visitors looked different, or dressed different or spoke differently, some members would

Learning To Trust God

Learning To Trust

Learning To Trust God
~ We welcome Dan Kuiper to bring us the message today.
LEARNING TO TRUST God’s resolution for us: That we grow in relationship with Him. 5 steps to growing in relationship with God: Message based on Psalm 13