Consequences Of This Virus

Gracious Father and redeemer, As we continue to struggle with the consequences of this virus and as we, due to sin, feel anxious and maybe feel sorry for ourselves, we pray that you remind us that we are in your Loving hands, and that you care for us as your children. Sometimes we lament a world that does not treat us fairly. Sometimes we look up to you and ask why you are allowing these things to happen to us, instead, may we, who are merely inconvenienced, remember those whose lives are at stake. May we, who have no risk factors, remember those most vulnerable. May we, who have the luxury of working from home, remember those who must choose between preserving their health of paying their bills. May we, who have the flexibility to care for our children when their schools close, remember those who have no options. May we, who have to cancel our trips, remember those who have no safe place to go. May we, who are losing our margin money in the tumult of the economic market, remember those who have no margin at all. May we, who settle in for a quarantine at home, remember those who have no home at all. As fear grips, our country, may we instead choose faith, hope, and love that comes freely from you. During this time when we cannot physically wrap our arms around each other, help us find ways to be the loving embrace of God to our neighbors here in Lowell and around the world. It’s all because of your love for us and the sacrifice of your son, and it is in HIS name that we pray, Amen.

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