Elder and Deacon Installation 2022

April 3, 2022 Hope Community Church of Lowell celebrated the installation of Elder Mike Oppenhuis and Deacon Rob Paulsen and with thanksgiving and gratitude for the outgoing office.
Thank you to our outgoing Elder Don Ryken and Deacon Rob Schurman for accepting and allowing the Lord to use you mightily according to your God-given calling. Your church family appreciates the effort you put to move the church forward, your time, and resources. May God Bless You.
Almighty God, may every grace of ministry rest on the newly installed Elder Mike Oppenhuis and Deacon Rob Paulsen, keep them strong and faithful, that your church may prosper in peace and love. Grant them wisdom, courage, discretion, and benevolence, that they may fulfill their charge to the glory of Jesus Christ. We pray all this in your son Jesus’ name. Amen.
Meet your new addition to the Hope Community Church of Lowell Council.
~ Who Is My Elder & Deacon?
Last names between A – F
Elder: Mike Oppenhuis,  Deacon: Rob Paulsen 
Last names between G – K
Elder: Tom Krygsheld,  Deacon: Travis Beezhold
Last names between L – R
Elder: Dick Kuiper,  Deacon: Riley Rogers 
Last names between S – Z
Elder: Jim Stoub,  Deacon: Paul Bennett 

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