Lords Perfect Plan

Lord our Father, These are some very difficult times for us to understand, but you indeed have a plan which is a perfect plan. A plan which assures us of your salvation, which in the end is what’s really important. Lord, we pray that you be with Hope Community Church of Lowell. Lord, we pray that you bless and enlighten Pastor Andy, Elders, Barry, Don, Jim and Tom, and deacons Paul, Rob, Rob, and Travis with your wisdom and the clear direction you would have them follow. Give them the tools to fulfill the sacred offices you have called them to.
Lord, no human is equal to the task of these offices, so please fill them with your spirit and your wisdom as they serve among your people. Lord, we pray for continued fellowship with the technology you are using today.
Lord, we also pray for your financial blessings on our church during this time with no services in the building. Please work within the hearts of your people to continue to tithe as you have called for us to do in your word, so your work can continue. Lord show them that if they continue to have faith in you and trust your promises, that their giving will return to them over and over again.
Lord, please hear our prayer, for it is in your son Jesus name that we pray,

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