December 2019

The Waiting is Over

Pastor Barry Foster delivered our message today on “The Waiting is Over.  Grab your bibles and open them to Luke 2:22-40.    34:30 min.

Wonderful Counselor

We start our Advent season with our new sermon series “Prince of Peace”. Pastor Barry Foster delivers our message titled “Wonderful Counselor”. Open your bibles to Isaiah 9:6.   37:29 min.

October 2019

I believe in the Holy Spirit

We continue our series “I Believe”. Pastor Barry brings us our 8th message “I believe in the Holy Spirit”.   36:59 min.

September 2019

Conceived, Born, Crucified, Died, Buried

We continue our sermons series “I Believe” in Luke 1:26-38. Pastor Barry Foster brings us our message Conceived, Born, Crucified, Died, Buried.  36:52 min.

July 2019

Divine Benefits

We continue our Summer Psalm series as Pastor Barry Foster brings us our message “Divine Benefits”.  In our busy lives and when things get rough, we forget all God has done for us. This Psalm brings God’s blessings to us back in focus. When we can call God our Father, we receive Divine Benefits that […]

May 2019

A Nation of Priests

As we continue our series on The Kingdom of God Is Near Pastor Barry Foster brings us our message here at Hope Community Church of Lowell on “A Nation of Priests”.  We will explore the Kingdom of God from the Old Testament to the New Testament and how God “sets apart” His people to carry […]

Walking With Blinders On

We far to often begin our faith journey from the wrong starting point. We want to rationalize what our head can understand rather than listening to the Gospel message. The disciples of Jesus on the road to Emmaus were sad and disappointed because Jesus didn’t fulfill what they expected, now He’s gone. Jesus had to […]

March 2019

The BIRTH That Changes Everything!

If the birth of Jesus had such an impact on history- what impact has He made on your life? Matthew 1:18-25.  Easter sermon series starts today as Pastor Barry Foster brings us our first message in this series “The BIRTH that changes everything” here at Hope Community Church of Lowell.  Audio Sermon from Sunday, March […]

It’s Time To Start Praying

Pastor Barry Foster continues our series message in the book of Jonah here at Hope Community Church of Lowell.  Realizing his situation – the best thing to do is pray. God’s grace prevails. This is a story of grace. God put Jonah were he needed to be in order to get his attention. When we […]

February 2019

Is Jesus Really God?

Listen in as Pastor Barry Foster, brings us our 5th message in the exploreGod series “Is Jesus Really God?” here at Hope Community Church of Lowell. 23:27 min.

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