The Freedom Of Forgiveness

~ We welcome Dan Kuiper back to bring us the message today.
Forgive… not because others deserve it. But because you do. Dan gave us 3 keys to freedom and 4 questions to ask ourselves in his message this past Sunday.
3 Keys To Freedom~
1. We must choose to experience God’s forgiveness.
2. We must choose to forgive ourselves.
3. We must choose to forgive others.
We don’t forgive because the other person deserves it, we forgive because we do.  Forgiveness is not always easy, it’s not always fair, but it’s never optional.
>> Further scripture reading: 1 John 1:9, Psalm 103:12, Eph. 4:32, Matt. 6:15, Luke 6:37, Col. 3:13, Mark 11:25
4 Questions to Ask Ourselves~
1. Am I harboring bitterness?
2. Am I desiring revenge?
3. Am I claiming innocence?
4. Am I demanding justice?
Forgiveness is a choice. Our response is our responsibility.
>> Further scripture reading: Proverbs 18:19, Romans 12:17-19, 1 John 2:11, Galatians 5:1
Dan Kuiper is a speaker, author, and blogger. He helps wounded souls to find safety in the arms of a Heavenly Father where they can experience the hope and healing He longs to give. Want to know more? Visit Dan’s website to read more about him, his speaking events and to know more about his book.
Pastor Barry is also available if you have any questions or would just like to talk. Call him at 219-690-8889.

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