The Other Job In Every Job We Do

~ We welcome Fred De Jong to bring us our Sunday service message.
In everything we do, God has purposed something else for us to do. Whether in career, studies, homemaking, retirement activities or any other enterprise, we are called to also be “reconcilers”. This critical role is easy to miss or skimp on given the many hats we wear. Still, Godcalls us to the critical work of restoring relationships as one of the most important jobs we do on earth.


If you think about it a while, any role in your life calls for reconciliation. Boss/employee relationships, siblings, parent/child dynamics- all need someone to initiate reconciliation when disagreements and conflicts erupt.


Most importantly, Christ came to accomplish the greatest feat of reconciliation the world has ever known. We are the recipients of restorative work, and the result is a complete rebirth of our souls with impact today and forever!


What God is calling us to do is to accept what we are (reconciled), and then to immerse ourselves in reconciling work in everything we do. Think about the several (many?!) hats you currently wear. How can you become more of a reconciler in each area? Does one especially stand out?


If you are a believer, then you are committed, and compelled, to live for Christ the Reconciler. So our life, in every role we play, is immersed in restorative work. That work includes restoring human relationships, but is especially the work of inviting, imploring, and inviting others to be reconciled to Christ our Savior. In what current “job” is God prompting you to share and show Christ’s love to a person who needs reconciling to their Maker? Know that, since this is God’s call, He must have people for you to reach in this way!


Inside every job you do, there’s another job to do, to be a reconciler that brings peace and wholeness to relationships in a broken world. This is a not only a divine calling, it is a significant calling. It is so significant that if you accept this mission, the rest of life can feel stuck or failing, but you will find yourself living with urgent purpose!


Of course, this “job within an job” assumes that a reality change has occurred inside of you. You have been reconciled to your Maker and Savior. This would be a valuable moment to thank God for restoring you to Himself, or to ask Him to show you what it would look like to be reconciled to Him. To use the words of 2 Corinthians 5:20 “{I} implore you on Christ’s behalf: Be reconciled to God.” I pray that you will act on that invitation today!
~ Fred De Jong has been the church planting pastor at Center Pointe Church (CRC) in Plainfield, Illinois since 2010, and have served 2 other congregations as a church restart pastor and associate pastor. My wife, Ingrid, and I are blessed with 3 children and 2 grandchildren. I enjoy running, and am preparing for my 7th marathon. Each year I raise funds through this event for church planting work in Myanmar (Burma). I also serve as a church planting and church coach. It is that role that brought me in touch with Hope and Pastor Barry. It is a joy to worship with you and to see how God is guiding this new church to impact her community for Christ! Connect with Fred by email 

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