Advent 2022 – Peace

Today Tiffiny, the girls, and Jinny lit the candle of Peace; we are grateful that God would care for Ruth, Naomi, and us even today. We are even more grateful that he would send his Son Jesus


Advent 2022 – Hope

As we heard today, in lighting the Advent candle of Hope, Ruth gave Naomi Hope when all seemed lost, and God gave Israel Hope in their darkest moments. This week our Advent Candle represents Peace. As Ruth and Naomi settle in Bethlehem, many things need to fall into place to do well in


2022 Lowell Labor Day Parade

Our church has been a part of the Lowell Labor Day Parade for the past several years, and we enjoyed seeing the community come out for all the fun. This year it was the 103rd Labor Day Parade in Lowell, Indiana, and we celebrated! We thank our Outreach Team and all the volunteers for all their help and time. We had so much fun… take a peek at the



Kids were up to their elbows in farmin’ as they explore one simple Bible truth: Jesus will ALWAYS love us! 
Thank you very much to all the parents, kids, volunteers, local businesses and our Hope Community for making this VBS so spectacular! 
Continue showing your kids the love of Jesus by joining our KIDS Church every Sunday at 10:00 AM.
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Fathers Day Breakfast 2022

Thank you to our Friendship Team for such a delicious breakfast and special Father’s Day morning!
Just some of the smiling faces we were