June 2019

Response To Creation And Our Creator

Pastor Andrew Wahlstrom continues our sermon series of Summer Psalms on “Response To Creation And Our Creator”. God has chosen to reveal Himself in creation. So often we take this universe for granted or can’t see and recognize what is right in front of us. Sunday we will see how Psalm 8 is a reminder […]

In His Presence

Kyle Beckrich brings us our Father’s Day message and continuing in our sermon series “Summer Psalms” – Throughout Scripture we are promised that joy, purpose, hope and life are found in the presence of God. Although we’ve heard this and mostly believe it, we know that we don’t always feel as if we’re in the […]

Mark Morris-The Search for Happiness

Mark Morris brings us our first message in our Summer Psalms series “The Search for Happiness”. What does your heart long for? Each of us would probably answer that question differently, but there would be some common themes- happiness, meaning, identity, justice, relationships, and hope would probably come up in the discussion. As we study […]

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