He Refreshes My Soul – Dan Kuiper | 5-10-20

Can I Know God Personally?

{AUDIO} Sunday Message February 24, 2019
Listen in on our last message in the series exploreGod as Dan Kuiper, brings us our message on “Can I know God Personally?”   Can I Know God Personally – NOTES
Time: 45:12 minutes

Hope Of The World

{AUDIO} Sunday Message December 16, 2018
Listen in as Dan Kuiper, brings us our message on “Hope Of The World”
Time: 14:01 minutes Read more…

Pain With A Purpose

{AUDIO} Sunday Message November 25, 2018
Listen in as Dan Kuiper, Author and Speaker, brings us our message on “Pain With A Purpose”
Time: 30:30 minutes Read more…

A Father’s Love

The relationship we have with God often parallels the relationship we have or had with our dad.
We cannot experience the freedom our faith was meant to bring if we choose to be held captive by our past. To tell ourselves that we will never live life to the full because of Read more…

The Freedom Of Forgiveness

~ We welcome Dan Kuiper back to bring us the message today.
Forgive… not because others deserve it. But because you do. Dan gave us 3 keys to freedom and 4 questions to ask ourselves in his message this past Sunday.
3 Keys To Freedom~
1. We must choose to experience God’s forgiveness.
2. We must choose to forgive ourselves. Read more…

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